OWOW Frequently Asked Questions

Originally, entertainers and others were invited to company banquets, entertainment, and drinking parties to perform arts and make money, which was a hot topic in Tokyo. Until OWOW came out, it was an activity only for a limited number of people such as entertainers, but with OWOW, various people such as university students, office ladies, and the general public can participate, and among managers and wealthy people It is popular in.

Recently, special features have been published on TV and magazines, and the popularity is overheating, especially among highly sensitive college students and those who are sensitive to information.

Generally, the price ranges from 10,000 yen for one drinking party to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands depending on the tip and popularity. (Generally, it is the same level as "taku fee drinking" and "guarantee drinking".)

Around many times a day, you can live by doing "ladder" monthly income 1400 Some people exceed 10,000 yen.

It seems that it is attractive to earn your own way at your own timing.

Currently, Roppongi, Nishi-Azabu, Shibuya, Ebisu, Shinjuku, Akasaka, Ginza, Nakameguro, Ikebukuro, etc. are the main areas.

Since it is often held mainly as a play for wealthy people such as managers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, investors, etc., rich people like the above naturally It is mainly held in the area where people usually drink.

Shops are often used in places that are not visible to the general public, such as membership bars and karaoke bars with private rooms.

Also, the holding time is mainly from 21:00 to 26:00 on weekdays. It is often held after a weekday dinner, a second party, entertainment, or a second party of a private drinking party between business owners.

[Guest side]
As mentioned above, mainly managers, corporate officers, people in the entertainment world, doctors, lawyers, accountants, investors, etc. The age is mainly from 30s to 40s.

Mainly those who have more than a certain amount of money and have a social status.

There are various ways to drink, such as a small number of people and a focus on work, or a large number of people who just want to get excited today.

[Cast side]
Basically, it seems that you are often invited by acquaintances, but you can participate through pato, Japan's first entertainment matching app.

There are many university students, office ladies in their 20s, and those in their 30s. Fortune-tellers, hypnotists, magicians, and other people who have a trick are also under the umbrella.

It's a drinking party for experienced and rich people, so it seems that people who can produce a nice drinking party without rudeness are likely to be called.

Popular people are often called every day.

Because we are dealing with rich and wealthy people, we can usually only participate by referrals. At pato, we conduct interviews so that both parties can participate with peace of mind.

You can also give mutual evaluations within the app, so users with bad evaluations will not be able to use it, so you can rest assured.

You can keep your time

Of course, it's okay if you are a little late or if you contact us in advance, but if you are slapstick or late every time, the secretary and guests will be in trouble. Let's keep it in mind as a minimum manner.

Nori is good

At company banquets, entertainment, birthday parties, drinking parties, etc., everyone is satisfied with the goodness of the excitement. Experienced people in the hospitality industry may be advantageous.

People who can talk to people

People who are charming, can talk happily with people, and can feel good about the other person are the best. The more managers and people with social status, the more lonely they are. By having fun talking, we can have a win-win relationship with each other.


Of course, people who are not very good at speaking are fine if they are good listeners. I want all human beings to listen to their stories. Those who are good listeners will be very pleased.

I can read the air

It is important to be able to read the air in any situation. (Scene to liven up, drink, entertain, collaborate with other cast members, etc.)

Drink alcohol

Drink alcohol at company banquets, entertainment, and birthday parties. I may drink it. It's more fun for people around you and for yourself to drink alcohol than not. But of course you don't have to drink it. Above all, it is important to liven up the atmosphere of the place together. If you can't drink, it may be a good idea to pretend to drink alcohol. .. ..

I like the place of drinking

After all, it is best that the person himself likes the place of drinking. Just being close to the people who are having fun should naturally make the people around you happy. The spirit of enjoying the place is important.

Pato has such a merit as well as earning pocket money.

You can get acquainted with wealthy people and business owners.
Since it is used by many famous big company presidents and up-and-coming venture business owners, you can meet people you can't usually meet. You can hear stories that are difficult to hear in everyday life.

There are many interesting and attractive people around the successful people and the stories of successful people.

The person who earns the most with OWOW can earn 2.5 million a week and 10 million a month. This is possible because of OWOW, the No. 1 entertainment app that has many users and cost reduction through the Internet. I will talk about the details in an interview.